Friday, November 3, 2017

The Derryfield School

Being 13 is featured in a show at The Derryfield School, in Manchester, NH called Familial Gaze, curated by Becky Barsi.  I had the pleasure of visiting the students who discussed my work with me, as well as their own projects which were especially inspiring. 

Being 13, Spirit Week, NGH

Here are comments by Derryfield students about the day:

"I enjoyed learning about how Nancy has to look down through it [her camera] because it does not have a prism and this allows her to feel more connected with the subject."

"In meeting Nancy Grace Horton I learned that I shouldn't be quick to press the delete button and that anything can inspire a photograph."

"Being inspired by fashion, I enjoyed hearing about how [Nancy] aims to use clothing and colors to improve her work and create contrast. Looking through her works and listening to her process, I learned a little more about inspiration. It intrigued me that she did a lot of similar things that I do (looking for clothes, finding interesting perspectives)."   

"I loved the way she expressed her interest in raw photography and the idea of representing a natural image that has not been totally edited. I learned a lot about looking at photography and understanding a deeper meaning through inspection of the gender of the subject, the background, the positioning, and so many other factors. Since she is the first photographer I have met in person who has explained her point of view and her process, she made a great first impression for me towards future photographers that I may meet or look at."

"I loved hearing about her ideas on feminism and social pieces. They spoke words to me as I am exploring those same ideas through my art. Overall, she was a really cool lady and her art spoke to me."

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