Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Nashua, New Hampshire

Shooting Downtown:  Nashua on the River
Child and Family Services sponsored by the
New Hampshire State Council on the Arts

Summer 2017 brought varying temps and the days we set out to shoot in Nashua were especially hot.
Part of our first day was a crash course in  composition and using a camera then we set out to shoot using donated digital cameras from many different people THANK YOU ALL!!

More cameras needed please.  Seems as though pocket digital cameras have very little tolerance,  and over many recent projects one drop or bump (which happens) and that's it, they stop working.  Also looking for a new portable printer.

Send to:
P.O. Box 41, Portsmouth, NH 03802)

This project was put together by Thessa (left) and, she and Joelyn (right taking the selfie) where there to take care of all our needs each day to make the creativity flow.

The photos were spread out, talked about and worked with to create Japanese and Saddle stitch bound books, cut outs as objects, collage, and 3D collage and boxes plus enlargements will be placed in the Nashua site.

Great project thanks to the motivation of Thessa and New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.