Friday, March 10, 2017

Artist in Residence

Theme: Farm to Fork 

This project was over the course of several weeks and the whole school was involved.

 "I feel the students comments say it all"
-Bonnie DuBois the school art teacher

·         I liked the fact that you could choose the way you wanted your picture to come out
·         You could take as many pictures as you liked
·         You could choose your theme, story line for your pictures
·         We learned about the different settings of the camera
·         We were able to be as creative as we wanted with our photos
·         I liked watching the cyanotypes develop into a picture
·         I loved learning how to sew the cyanotypes into a pillow
·         I loved learning about and taking pictures. I am still doing it at home


Having fun shooting in the garden.

Middle School student making cyanotypes in the theme of Farm to Fork.

Students hand made books from their photographs.

Fun had by all!

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